PowerScrubber - Set of 3 Scrub Drill Attachments

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A Sparkling Clean Home, Made Easy!

Scrubbing by hand to remove old dirt and grime is a tough task! No matter how hard exhausted you make yourself, the results are often disappointing.

Introducing, the PowerScrubber - Set of 3 Scrub Drill Attachments! It lets you take off grime and dirt build-up in your floorings, furniture, and appliances at home with ease.

Save Effort & Time

This set of brushes are made with strong nylon power bristles that will do the dirty work for you! Compared to manual scrubbing, this will significantly reduce your workload and save you from exhaustion.

Huge Range of Cleaning

Each set of the Power Scrubber Brush™ is perfect for use in different parts of your home. You can use this on your kitchen, bathroom, appliances, windows, car, and more.

It will help you remove dirt on tight spaces and different surfaces like glass, rubber, and tiles to ensure maximum cleaning!

Convenient Set-up

The Power Scrubber Brush™ attaches to any cordless drill to clean any surface. The combination of your drill’s speed and our brushes’ power will help you remove stubborn grime, mold, soap residue, and other forms of dirt!

Damage-free scrubbing

The nylon bristles used in these brushes will not scratch or abrade your home surfaces and equipment. This brush set will strip off dirt without you having to worry about any damage at all.

How Does It Work?

Getting fantastic results with the PowerScrubber is as easy as 1,2,3!
1) Simply attach the scrubber heads to your drill
2) Apply cleaning product to the area
3) Turn on your drill and let the PowerScrub do the hard work for you You'll be amazed just how easy it is!

Each Set Includes

1x Flat Brush (4 inches): Designed for mirrors, tiles, and other flat surfaces
1x Dome Brush (3.5 inches): Suitable for curved spaces in your sink, bathtubs, and more
1x Detail Brush (2 inches): Perfect for tight space and detailed cleaning


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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Melissa Ausburn-Ramos
Best Invention Since The Vacuum Cleaner!

Where was this invention when I was stripping the wax off of my kitchen floors by hand?!? I can’t believe the difference these brushes make! The mildew in my shower grout just melts away in mere seconds with these brushes. And stripping floors is a lot less back breaking not having to use the back and forth shoulder motion when scrubbing with a traditional scrub brush and mop. The little brush and extender tool is perfect for getting into the very hard to reach areas around the sink faucets and shower knobs. I also bought a set for the kitchen so that I do not spread bathroom germs to the kitchen by using the same brush. In my humble opinion these are the best cleaning invention since the vacuum cleaner.

Great for cleaning tile

I just used this to clean some of the tile in my kitchen, using just some vinegar dawn and baking soda. I’d normally use bleach and a toothbrush to get the same result, but with much more effort and sweat! This product is very easy to use! And makes cleaning more fun. It takes just a few seconds per tile.

I’m a petite woman. The only difficult part is pressing on the button of the drill for so long, and you will need to guide the drill with both hands.

See the pics for the before and after. One pic shows left side after cleaning with this product and right side before.

Can’t wait to finish the rest of the floor!

Good all around cleaner with ease

Got this primary for detailing my car and cleaning my carpets in the car but quickly learned that it does have some more practical applications. in terms of cleaning your car it easily agitates the carpet fibers and lift dirt out quite easily. the bristles are stiff enough to loosen and remove dirt but not so stiff that it will scratch upholstery. some of the other good uses for this kit is for cleaning your bathroom and tub more specifically. I put on the rounded edge attachment and that seems to work the best to get into the corners. The extension bit is sort of flimsy and does not lock in as well but it does what it needs to do.

Mark T. Schlipper
So Good!

A while back I purchased a tool that was designed to do something similar but was created specifically for bathroom cleaning. It had similar brush heads, but a longer reach. However, it was lacking in power, when you'd give it a little pressure to really deep clean, it would be too much for it and it'd stop spinning. So I thought I'd give these a try to see if my drill would do better.

I don't have a particularly powerful drill, it's cordless and gets the job done, but I'm an amateur DIY guy, I don't need anything fancy. But even my relatively budget level drill outclassed my old scrubber by leaps and bounds. If your drill has driver settings you can decrease the torque and it'll stop with too much pressure, but on the drill setting, I couldn't stop it from spinning if I tried.

K. Sanders
Perfect tool for cleaning water filter!

I purchased this brush kit to clean my water filter "tubs". As you can see from the photo, I have pretty nasty water with rust, sediment, and algae, which sticks to the clear tubs and is really difficult to clean when you change the filters.

The round brush is perfect. Perfect size and shape, and the blue medium stiff brushes don't scratch, and are perfect for the job.

I did purchase a 12" extension so that I could fit the brush all the way down into the tub.

As you can see from the photos, the first filter on the right is the sediment #1 filter and gets dirty first and needs cleaning more often. The first photo shows how clean the brushes got the tub.