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Recover & Transfer Data from Old Hard Drives

Docking stations for hard drives (HDD) give you quick access to your stored data. You can recover, transfer or archive data, and test or benchmark multiple hard drives.

One-Touch Backup

One-Touch functionality makes it easy to copy data and documents from your computer to an external hard drive.

For information on using the OTB feature and downloading the OTB software, please refer to the product guide. Note: OTB software cannot be installed on macOS and IOS systems.

Operating System

Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64 Bit), Mac OS 10.10 or later.

Please format the disk according to your operating system (Linux and Mac OS are compatible with FAT32 and exFAT, Windows is compatible with FAT32, exFAT and NTFS).


We promise 1-year limited warranty and worry-free lifelong technical support from KZTech™️. In use of products during any product issues, please email to us, we will do our best to solve for you, thank you for your understanding and support.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Andrea Phillips
I works with SATA and IDE drives on Linux

It works beautifully, I was able to download from the box of old IDE hard drives I haven't accessed since 1999. All of the working drives were successful at downloading from. I was so happy to find old photographs of my wife and dog from more than a decade ago and some other data from the late 90s from a friend of mine that had lost his copies decades ago.

heidi wright
Good addition for an external HD

easy to use, just insert the drive, plug in power and connect the USB to your computer and turn it on. Windows will recognize the drive (if it's still a functioning drive, some of mine were old and I wasn't sure they were still working, and this device proves what I thought) The drives even retained the partition names which I had a good laugh at what I had called my drive partitions 20 years ago.

Evelyn Taylor
they work great

I love my toaster, I can't believe I never wrote a review about this sooner, but it's been a lifesaver for my data. I'm kind of a packrat when it comes to PC parts and I have a box of hard drives that I've salvaged. well using my trusty toaster I've been able to go through them, save old files that were long forgotten and then repurposed the drives for archival reasons. the front SD card readers work great and the 2 USB's work well even with media storage devices since it has it's own separate power. great buy for me.

Kim Picton
Like it

I bought a new Western Digital 1TB 3.5 inch SATA drive to go with it. Seller support isn't good. I emailed the address provided in the documentation seeking assistance, but received no reply. To get this device working with my new HDD, I plugged it in and turned on the device after seating the new HDD. Then I launched Disk Management in Win 10, right clicked on the new drive in the drive list at bottom of window, and selected Create a Simple Volume. Then the drive was visible in Windows Explorer.

Alicia Betsinger
Great solution

The unit works just fine I have 4 old hard drives plus a lot of memory sticks. and USB memory. they all read just fine. Unfotunately I cant use the other slot as I don't have any IDE drives. but thats ok. It would be nice if there was an adapter to convert to other slot to sata, but other than that I am satisfied.