Angle Finder Gauge Cutting Guide Tool with Laser Scales

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Premium Protractor

The Prosite 505P-7 is a 175mm (7") Plastic Saw Miter Protractor that provides accurate angle calculations for transferring and making cuts with the utmost precision.

Easy To Use

This measuring tool is an easy to use cutting guide for carpenters, plumbing, builders, and DIY home improvement jobs; It has two laser engraved scales.

Miter Cut & Single Cut Transfers

The miter cut scale transfers readings directly to the miter saw for miter joints; The single cut scale transfers readings straight to the miter saw for butt joints.

Save Time & Reduce Waste

Using an effective protractor like this model, which is made from durable 7-inch hardened plastic, cuts down on working time and helps you to reduce waste.

Perfect Fit

Simply set your saw to the angle that you read on the protractor; Upside down or backward, rest assured that you will always get the correct reading.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Kent Merrill
I used another tool first

then I bought this and fared better with this than I did with the other tool."

Sonja Parish

Ok, you ready? I'm 48 yrs. old, a girl, and have NEVER cut finish trim in my life!!!!!! I wanted to add a piece of DIY crown to make Craftman Style Laundry cabinet, and here it is on the first try! My miter was almost 46 degrees! Now if I would have cut this at a true 45, I would've been caulking and spackling this stuff like mad! Now you may not like my choice of style, but at least you know that this crazy tool is worth EVERY penny!

Johnny Clay
Slick As Hell !!

If you do or are going to do trim work of any kind, if you are even THINKING about doing trim work, crown, base, door WHATEVER..... get this tool. Even makes an idiot like me LOOK like I know what I'm doing !

Misty Alvarado
the perfectionist companion

this is a nice tool , it figures out the correct angle need for miter joints , it takes out the old (2) part (2) tool method , i recently saw a contractor use the larger version to make a unknown angle miter cut , with no effort , the miter was correct no gaps , no need to caulk the joint excessively , some times these unknown miter cuts take a few trips back n forth to the saw , if you actually have a conscious about your work , even if it is getting painted , some guys would probably laugh @ someone using this protractor , but really wishing they had 1 ! unless you have a laser protractor installed in your eye , doing crown moulding can be a little tricky , that is if a caulking tube isnt one of your most used tools

Mickey Cross
Must Have this!!

If you are doing any molding/crown work you must have this tool. Just because you think it is a 90 doesn't mean a thing. Ask yourself "Was this place built by humans?" If the answer is Yes - then you need to check the angle and cut accordingly. That is how you wind up with tight cuts. You find out it really is 88 degrees instead of 90 and you cut accordingly and get a tight fit. Also, for odd angles (like doing a kickboard down the stairway - you will never get the angle without something like this (or re-taking Geometry). First time you catch an off angle, cut it accordingly and see that tight joint - you will thank me