Innovative Spring EarWax Cleaner Tool Set

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High-quality Stainless Steel

Our ear picks are made of high-quality stainless steel. As a result, they are durable and anti-rust.

Premium Design

Compared with the traditional cotton swab, which may push the earwax into the ear, our earwax removal kit have several improvements. The ear pick in scoop-shaped can remove the earwax easily and effectively.

The ear pick in spiral design can relieve itching by massaging your ear canal. It can prevent damage to the eardrums and damage to hearing, and effectively remove ear wax.


In order to prevent any scratching or irritation to the ear, all of our ear picks have been fully polished to ensure that all of the surfaces are smooth.

Easy To Use And Clean

Please wash our ear picks thoroughly with soap and water before and after using. And then, please also sterilize the ear picks with rubbing alcohol. Also, you can clean the debris with our cleaning brush.

Portable Storage Box

Our ear pick cleaning set comes with a portable PU bag.

You can easily take those earwax removal kits. Our ear wax removal kit is also a great gift for your famliy and your friends.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Andrea Phillips

bought these cause my boyfriend had some wicked ear wax built up- it was like that first scoop from a peanut butter jar type of scoop- huge chunk, it was glorious. anyways I love it, he loves it, I got his whole family addicted to it

Wendy Sipe
Great for my baby

My son has eczema that develops in his ears. When it does, it oozes and eventually creates a very hard crust that blocks his entire ear. This has been great in helping me keep on top of it and get all of the oozies out before it hardens and causes him pain. Tools seem really sturdy. I have decided there was one I liked more than the others and tend to use that tool more often, but even if I had paid for just that one tool it would have been worth it for me.


OMG this kit is incredible. I am a nurse and am so impressed with the quality of each of the instruments included. I have always had an earwax problem and recently it was affecting my hearing. My last ditch effort before seeing an ENT was to turn to Amazon! LOL! Within 10 minutes of my Amazon delivery I had easily, safely and comfortably removed the biggest, grossest pile of earwax you can ever imagine. Each of the tools was successful in removing wax the previous tools had missed-they all seem to have their specialty. I would gladly have paid 10x -or more - than I paid for this set. I’m so happy to know that going forward I will be keeping earwax under control.

heidi wright
Functional af

I only purchased this kit for the curved earpick tool and it does the job well and feels sturdy enough in my hand for me to feel safe using it. I gave the other ones away to my family members and they also use them religiously.
Keep your ears clean, no one wants to see your crusty earwax falling out!

Andrea Bukant
So grossly effective

I bought these for my husband who seems to clean his ears out everyday. I wanted to have him try these in order to reduce how many q-tips he was going through. I was skeptical but WOW and EWW these worked. Effectively at that. The one piece reminds me of the end of a snake you use when your toilet gets clogged. Came with a little brush to help clean off any flakes you pull out 🤢. It worked and so we will keep it and hopefully my husband gets i. The ha it of using it in order to save the plant one q-tip at a time!